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OK so this is the same old story, I have stuff to use up as somewhere between my mid forties and now, the latent ‘can’t bear to waste food’ gene finally kicked in and now I can’t bring myself to throw things out.

Damn you mother, I bet you’re laughing your ass off, wherever you are now!

Do you like apples?  Me too, so I buy a few every week with the intention of eating one at least every other day.

So why do they always end up languishing in the veg drawer of my fridge a week later, caught in suspended animation, only seconds (and a blast of room temperature air) away from degradation and rot?

Sometimes I grate one, mix it with porridge, yoghurt, nuts and dried fruit and leave it in the fridge overnight for Bircher Muesli, which is a delightful way to enjoy apples, but I’m starting to think that I’m too lazy to eat one raw from scratch.  All that biting, chewing, getting juice all over your hand and face seemingly puts me off, but that is no excuse for waste.  Oh no.

I also have a spare egg, so I have a little mooch around and find a recipe that I must have clipped out of a magazine or newspaper entitled ‘Anna’s Mum’s Apple Torte Recipe’ which needs two apples and one egg.


Then I notice that it also requires a whopping 6oz of sugar, and feel my teeth loosen in my head by way of protest.

Oh Anna’s Mum!  Haven’t you heard of cavities, sugar addiction and childhood obesity?!

I also  have some ground almonds to use up so I decide to substitute half the sugar with them, and because of that, I also substitute the required walnuts with flaked almonds and voila!  A really yummy cakey pudding (or puddingy/cake) with a nice gooey centre just crying out for a generous blob of clotted cream to accompany it.


2 tart (or not) eating apples

1 egg

3oz sugar

2-3oz ground almonds

2-3oz flaked almonds

2oz plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

A few drops of vanilla essence

Pinch of salt


1. Beat egg then add the sugar and vanilla essence

2. Peel, core, quarter and finely slice apple, and add to the egg mixture

3. Combine flour, ground and flaked almonds, baking powder and salt, then stir into the apple mixture.

Pour into a pyrex or souffle dish, then bake at Gas Mark 4 for around 30 minutes until browned on top but still a bit squidgy in the middle.


And there you have it.  Pudding for later or something nice to go with your afternoon cuppa, plus you get to keep at least some of your teeth.



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