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Hey, do you remember that fabric I bought on my ‘Artists Date’ on Valentines Day?  To clarify, that was an ‘Artists Way’ artist date not a hot date with a tall, dark, sexy creative type alas, but I digress…..

I finally got round to picking up my old sewing machine that has been festering away in a cupboard for ten years, had a quick look at it, hoping it hadn’t rusted or something, and it was fine, so I decided to make some cushion covers.

I initially bought zips for them, then I discovered this great blog that demonstrates how to make an envelope version which is a lot less fiddly.

To save having to cut out six separate shapes, I folded my material so that the bottom bit was around 5 inches longer than the top.


Then I cut out three sections the size of each cushion plus an extra inch all round as per the instructions so that (a) it was easier and (b) as much fabric as possible is left intact so that you can use it for something else :-).


I also zig zagged the raw edges so that they wouldn’t fray when washed, then pressed open the seams, pressed down the folds and snipped off any stray threads, turned them the right way round….


….popped in my cushions, and voila, a nice new Spring look for my sitting room!

Pleased to have ‘broken my duck’ sewing wise, on to the next project!



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