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Fighting the FEAR, depression and BDP on a daily basis AND making my own bread. Bring it on 2016….

VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD – I’d like to thank the Academy….



Whilst in real life I would probably feign a cool nonchalant response to Ms Lipstick and Chaos nominating me for this award, in the Blogosphere where I am unabashedly (if anonymously) the raw, flawed, real deal, f*cked up moi,  I am absurdly pleased and flattered, especially when it comes from this equally loud and proud, lipstick lovin’, kindred spirit of a chick :-).

Thank luvvy!

Onto the Rules :


1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

7 Things about me :

Hmm, you already know so much more than anyone in my real life will ever know about me (apart from my counsellor/shrink), so I had to think long and hard about these…..

1.  Long term followers probably know this but I pretty much had a break down last year after a life time of getting by and 18 months of hanging on by my finger tips, and am attempting to claw my way back to sanity inch by inch, day by day.  I know for a fact that I’ll never be ‘normal’ though, and have only just started to embrace this….

2.  I had my first ‘mid life crisis’ tattoo carved into my flesh less than a year ago, and already want another. Possibly on my arse.  Will of course keep you posted on this.  Brace yourselves.

3.  I see dead people.  Sometimes.  Haven’t seen one for a while but things get moved around in my flat all the time. Fuckers. It doesn’t really bother me, the living are the ones to watch out for if you ask me :-).

4.  I am pretty psychic and can read the Tarot, sometimes with remarkable accuracy, especially if big things are about to happen for the Questioner.

5.  I am very loyal and protective about my loved ones, especially my two cats, Dexter and Charlie, who trash and have trashed everything I own, but whom I would kill to protect if necessary.  I am one fierce Kitty Momma!

6.  As well as appreciating good quality clothes and products, I have a rather masculine love of really old, tatty, practically falling apart garments which I will wear till they fall to the ground.

7.  I once had a man offer to be my slave who wanted me to dress him up as a French Maid and punish, hurt and humiliate him in front of my friends.  Unfortunately for him he was too nice for me to hurt, plus I would have laughed thus spoiling his experience.  Could very easily have kicked the shit out of some of the other men in my past though!


Argh, this is the difficult bit, so many to choose from.  I’ve taken into account who already has one of these, who has lots of followers and to offer a nice diverse spread of categories.   Then I just nominated who I wanted to ;-).  Joking apart this wasn’t easy, can’t I have 20 instead?!:


Mr  Random Smith who is one brave geezer, plus I love his writing and his fighting spirit.  He probably (a) won’t give a toss and (b) won’t do anything with this, but you’re nominated and that’s final Random, OK?!


Ms Sandee Harris, who doesn’t post that often but when she does, I can’t wait to see what she has written because I love her style, admire her flow, and she makes me laugh. Write more Sandee, pliss?


An amazing artist, gifted poet and a very, very naughty girl 🙂


A fellow menopaus-ee, sista by another mista, and champion of the return of the muumuu.  Groovy!


Lovely, passionate lady who is my new friend, writes from the heart and makes me laugh out loud x


Ah, I love this young man and his truly innovative poetry and writing.  Had I bred with John Cooper-Clark back in the late 70’s I think he may well have been the result.  Keep writing sweetie!


A sister for my fantasy son! This little minx writes beautifully, can paint like a dream and holds her own (and then some) in a heated debate ;-), and a fellow cat lover! What more could a mother want?!


An amazing poet, always an inspiration 🙂


Bloody hilarious and a Kitty Daddy, albeit a very scarred/nervous one.  Read/follow.


The real deal.  Chequered past, taking a new path, bursting with life and energy.  Love his honesty and passion.  Again, he probably won’t do shit with this, but want to show my appreciation.


Brave lady.  Like me, she has her demons to battle.  Evocative, touching and sometimes heartbreaking.


Food porn at it’s best.  Have yet to be disappointed by James’ recipes, utterly yummy.


Lovely lady, great writer and a real inspiration.  Keep on keepin’ on Anna! xx

So that’s it I think?

Thanks again Ms Lippy, lots of love right back atcha! xx


23 thoughts on “VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD – I’d like to thank the Academy….

  1. Oh wow. Thank you so much for the “shout out”.
    You rock, my dear. Quite the inspiration and always on my reading list.

  2. lmao Thank you 🙂 you’re too kind 🙂

  3. you know me so well thanks man keep writing

  4. Gee thanks, responses 3 & 5 = marry me now. Good on you 😉

  5. Thanks for nominating me! I don’t accept awards but appreciate that you thought about me. It’s true I’m not posting much now. I posted everyday for six months, took a break then came back to post everyday and every other day. Now I’m winding down as I’m focussing on my fiction writing and other aspects of my life. Thanks for the compliment. Hope you enjoy your day!

  6. Oh myyyyyyyyyyyy THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Sveet !!!! And CONGRATS on your AWARD! That’s AWESOME!

  7. A. Flattery gets you everything!! Thank you for the nice compliment. B. I am intrigued by your psychic ability C. Ping didn’t ping but link works wonderfully!!! D. Sometimes, I want to be a Domme just to get my violence out – then I remembered “how do you explain that to your kids and your elders?” It’s not like you just asked pass the gravy at thanksgiving dinner and oh yeah, Mom, Dad – I kick the shit out of ppl who pay me to do so while wearing leather and wielding a whip – thanks, corn?

  8. Yes the ‘ping’ still eludes me, sigh, I’m such a bleedin’ Luddite….

    Need to nurture my ability a whole lot more than I do, i need to let off steam quite a lot, and I do need to start earning soon,…psychic dungeon bitch from hell anyone?

    ‘ I predict you’re going to lose all the skin from your back and spend the weekend in a dog basket/cage’ – hey this could actually work! 😉

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