Phoenix Fights

Fighting the FEAR, depression and BDP on a daily basis AND making my own bread. Bring it on 2016….




For once, I’ve been a bit reluctant to write a blog post this weekend, as I was feeling a bit disappointed in myself, because, the other day, momentarily, the old Sista came back with a vengeance.

Since I started this blog, I’ve tried very hard to tamp down my anger and aggression and be a bit more tolerant, peaceful and serene, so I have tried hard to avoid fighting with anyone, but was forced into a position where I had to hit back hard, and whilst I kept the interaction civil and professional for the most part and didn’t lose my temper, right at the very end, I kind of did.

Actually that’s a lie; something in me does like a fight, and I enjoyed having this bitch on the ropes as she is a cheating, money grabbing, self serving old shrew.

I live in a flat and we have new managing agents headed up by this woman and her cronies, who essentially promised to be cheaper, more transparent, and more honest than the previous shower.  Anyway we all bought into it, have had our first bi-annual bill, and guess what, it’s gone up again, and a few more charges/fees have been added to boot.

For some reason, the rest of the residents are either totally bought into this lot and their propaganda or are scared of them, so of course it had to be me who tackled them.

Given that I’ve had some serious battles with them in the past, and those who heard about them probably think I’m a nutter(!!), I engaged in polite enquiry via email in order to get them to justify these figures. They responded first with evasive, non answers, then defensive re-joiners, culminating in downright aggression, so I pretty much knew that my suspicions were justified.  So I copied in all the residents so that they could see what was going on, and politely but relentlessly wore them down until the truth was exposed.

It was then that they realised that they were coming off worse and that they couldn’t dismiss me as an unhinged hysteric this time. So one particularly officious, pompous, twatty little dweeb kept winding me up and accusing me of being aggressive and a trouble causer, so I snapped and essentially challenged him to meet with me face to face so that he could tell me what his problem was with me without being able to hide behind a keyboard like a coward.


First I thought I’d scared him.

Then I realised I’d played into their hands, that I now looked like an aggressor and felt like a total loser.

The thing is though, the rest of the residents are like frightened sheep, and if people like me didn’t voice what everyone else is thinking, where would we be in all this?  Why should these arseholes think that they could just make up charges and take money out of my pocket?

It was then that I realised that at least I’d done some good by exposing these bastards, and this tough, tenacious, feisty old bitch is as much a part of me as the serene, spiritual yogi, and that I should respect and honour her duly as she’s saved my bacon a number of times.

Whilst I do recognise that being a female Paxo isn’t always appropriate or necessary, sometimes people are just asking for a good, hard stuffing. 🙂

Another thing I also realised is that I could put my inner Jeremy to good use and potentially help people who don’t have my steel or mettle, simultaneously giving him/her something meaty to chew on in the bargain that would kill two birds with one stone.

But what?

Time to investigate….

In the meantime, a message to any slimeballs out there; you’d better get your house in order, ‘cos sometime soon in the near future I might have to give you a ‘starter for ten’ – and you’d so better be prepared to givd me the right answer!


2 thoughts on “STARTER FOR TEN

  1. This reminds me of myself. When I’m irritated about something, if the people around me aren’t also irritated it makes my anger levels go up by a hundred!

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