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Fighting the FEAR, depression and BDP on a daily basis AND making my own bread. Bring it on 2016….




Thank you so much Michael Douglas for your recent pearls of wisdom….

Seriously if cunnilingus is now off the menu for the male of the species, then bollocks to dating and, in the words of the panel of ‘Dragon’s Den’….




7 thoughts on “NOOOOOO!!!

  1. It doesn’t mean that oral sex is off the table, it just means people need to be safe, healthy and honest with their partners. No one is BORN with HPV-16…it is spread via sexual activity. Women AND men give it to their partners when they don’t use protection.

    In the US, the vaccine is offered during your first few gynecological visits…so long as your insurance covers it, doctors recommend getting the vaccination before you turn 16. I’ve read that even 16-18 year old boys are being offered it now. Without insurance, the vaccine costs about $250-$350 and takes 3 weeks/shots to complete.

    Like any disease, HPV-16 doesn’t magically appear. If neither you or your partner have it, it’s not a worry. Get a check up if you or s/he are unsure. For added protection, use condoms and dams during oral sex until you know you are both “clean”.

    Really, it’s what people SHOULD be doing if they care about their casual partners anyway…

    • Thanks hon, I wuz just being silly…. 😉

      • Oh, I know. But there is so much horrible misinformation out there…In the past 2 months, I’ve come across at least 5 blogs that have a post about “giving oral sex to womens = guaranteed throat cancers = stay away from all womens!”

        I just wanted to put as much REAL information out there as possible for any readers. Obviously, Michael Douglas won’t be helping with this… 😛

      • Bless him, he’s getting on a bit now isn’t he….

        What really makes me laugh is that if it were true, blow jobs would be no go too!

        The worst thing is that I have this awful image of him munching away at various females now ….

      • “…blowjobs would be no go, too!”

        Ah, you’d think so. However, when I posted my information, the same stuff I listed here, on those other blogs…well, let’s just say that some MRAs have a bad case of Stupid. Apparently, penises have special powers like not ever being conduits for STDs other than HIV/AIDs.

        *sigh* People make my brain hurt.

  2. I’d say this makes a strong case for a good battery operated dildo.

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