Phoenix Fights

Fighting the FEAR, depression and BDP on a daily basis AND making my own bread. Bring it on 2016….

The life in your years.


Funny how guidance comes to you when you really need it from the most unexpected sources.
This beautiful tribute has certainly made me realise that, honestly? I’d rather be alone than settle for someone who is not right for me and losing the hope of ever having a relationship as beautiful as this one.
And if I’ve screwed it up for this life? Then I’ll wait for the next one 🙂
God bless all xx

Lou's Story


The following piece is my own tribute to my wife, read at her service the 29th May 2013.

Thank you, all of you, for coming here today and celebrating my wife Louise, or as I called her Lou Lou. Firstly, I have to say she would have been quite put out with us making such a big fuss: she never enjoyed being the centre of attention. Indeed, she would actively avoid it.

And may I add, Lou Lou read this speech. She insisted on final copy approval! But that will tell you something positive about how we and particularly she approached her life. So what can I tell you about this beautiful, gentle, and modest person who I was so proud to call my wife, and my best friend?

Well let me start by telling you about the first day I met her. And this is a story that was…

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2 thoughts on “The life in your years.

  1. Thank you for re-blogging this post. It is no co-incidence to a spiritually guided person, that J have come to tread this on a day in desperate darkness (depression) and my need for inspiration. However positively inspiring my stories can be, I am plagued by days of darkness like others. It’s been a bad week. I’ve been attempting to shift it in my own, to no avail. THIS, THIS IS huge. It’s an eye-opening read and provoked much movement inside my soul. …Truly, it was no surprise you had found it the day YOU Needed it as well! I have a Draft Post something like ‘inspiration from everywhere’. About the strangest places and reads and finding inspiration through things that UPSET ME actually! Lol! Many Thanks for bringing this to the table Kindly, Jeanine H

    • Stories like this really hit home don’t they. So sad for this man to lose the love of his life in such a tragic way, but also good to know that the good ones are out there too x

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