Phoenix Fights

Fighting the FEAR, depression and BDP on a daily basis AND making my own bread. Bring it on 2016….




In the sure and certain knowledge that my mood today was not the best, I decided to do something that always perks me up and that is bake.

I saw this recipe on and was curious.  I hadn’t heard of Paris buns, but Miss South’s recipes are usually very good, I had two eggs just begging to be used, and they have malted milk powder in them which cinched it for me.

I didn’t have any of that pretty sugar in the house, so scattered them with Demerara which seems to have disappeared….

Plus mine spread a bit, so to look at, they are a little less Eiffel Tower and more like mini Millennium Domes….

Still looks aren’t everything, and having just had one with a cuppa, I can confirm that they are very nice indeed. 🙂

Plus I too am so over cakes that are 50% buttercream icing which makes me feel ill, so these bad boys are practically virtuous in comparison.

Which means I can probably have another, right?

That said, the next batch I make might be adorned with a malted milk chocolate topping as I do like to experiment 😉

Thank you Miss South you and your buns have managed to cheer me up! x


4 thoughts on “NICE BUNS….

  1. You have a dry but funny sense of humor, my dear! I liked this post! Also, your byline about can this person….rise up like a phoenix from the ashes! You will and we will cheer you on, too!

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