Phoenix Fights

Fighting the FEAR, depression and BDP on a daily basis AND making my own bread. Bring it on 2016….




I’ve just noticed, after clicking on a link that I have actually been blocked by one of my (presumably ex) followers. 😦

I was momentarily a little sad because I did and do like her, but I have obviously upset/annoyed/outraged/offended/bored the shit out of her enough for her to banish me from her world at some stage of the game and I have no idea why.

What am I saying?!

Let’s face it, I’m amazed that I’ve only just offended someone, and that someone hasn’t had a go at me long before now.

People, what can I say?

This is blog is where I brain dump and download exactly what is going on in my head at any given time.  No prettying up, no editing, no trying to make it or me more appealing or likeable, it comes to you word for word, exactly how it is.

I make no bones about being anything other than an extremely fucked up person who for the most part would sooner not be here, so it’s not designed to capture a particular demographic, appeal to the mass market, gain a huge readership or break any records.  It’s unlikely to impress, inspire, win any awards or change the world.

It will not, to paraphrase the great Gil Scott-Heron, give your mouth sex appeal, get rid of the nubs (whatever they are) or make you look five pounds thinner.

It just is what it is.

Sometimes it is funny (so I’m told), sometimes it is depressing, sometimes it is creative, sometimes it’s angry (because I’m venting rather than hurting someone in real life), sometimes it’s bitter, sometimes it’s grateful, sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it’s shocking (even/especially to me), and sometimes it’s just downright whiny, pathetic, boring and shit.

So whilst the purpose of my writing this blog is that doing this will help me get a whole lot of stuff out of my system so that I can learn more about myself, others and the world we live in, evolve in as many ways as possible and carve some kind of authentic life for myself, I can’t always guarantee that you will be entertained, agree with it or even like it.


This, if you will, is a little window into my bonce; think of it as one of those ‘What the Butler Saw’ machines we used to have on seaside piers, but with pictures of mental illness, fury, paranoia, realisations, rants and recipes instead of naughty ‘nudie rudie’ ladies in their girdles.

Roll up, roll up, have a peek if you want, I won’t even charge you, but whilst I don’t want to hurt or offend anyone, you may not always like what you see….

That said, feel free to question, probe or challenge me if you feel the urge, because quite honestly?  Sometimes, I need it.

Other times I’ll tell you to fuck off and mind your own business 😉

Namaste x


2 thoughts on “BLOCKED OUT….

  1. perfect my dear friend…absolutely perfect! i only dream to be as well articulated at my venting as you are! 😉 i luv u bud, Blessings, Jeanine H 😉

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