Phoenix Fights

Fighting the FEAR, depression and BDP on a daily basis AND making my own bread. Bring it on 2016….




My father is dead

And left me with Fear

Whose cold arms enclosed me

When he was not here

Well anyway, he always did prefer beer

My father is gone, my father is Fear


My father he died

A decade ago

And left me not knowing

Which way I should go

For the past has a way of not letting you grow

My father has gone, and Fear runs the show


My father he practically lived in the pub

And only came home for a kip and some grub

And my mum she would wash

She would cook, she would scrub

When father was here, his wife he did snub


My father he was a popular man

And a daughter so ugly

Just wasn’t the plan

She oughta be looking the best that she can

My dad was ashamed, not my number one fan


My father, they say

He could have been worse

It was rare that he struck us

He screamed, bawled and cursed

But some words that are said they cannot be reversed

My father is dead, but I’m in the hearse


Oh father I loved you

Despite your disgust

Your selfish behavior

The times that you cussed

But the men in my life

I just cannot trust

My father is gone, and to Fear I am trussed


But I will transcend this

Get out of this hell

One day I will love me

And conquer this spell

And break out of my lonely, self imposed cell

My father has gone, I must Father myself



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