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Beyond gutted to hear that the great James Gandolfini has died of a heart attack at 51.

Mr Gandolfini had an amazing movie and live performance career, but like many people, I discovered him via the best TV series ever ‘The Sopranos’.

I remember tuning into the first episode thinking ‘Meh, just another crime drama’, and then watching with astonishment as this great big bear of a man stumbled to the floor, distress and confusion in his eyes, I thought ‘My God, it’s not just me!’  And as he began his therapy with Dr Melfi, I was hooked.

From thereon in I tuned in week after week, series after series, empathising, sympathising, recognising, remonstrating, laughing in disbelief, and yes, falling just a little bit in love (ladies don’t judge me!!) with this oh so human character who treated heading up his New Jersey family as ‘just another job’.

It takes a very great actor to make a murdering sexist mobster like Tony Soprano loveable and human.

But James Gandolfini did just that.

Sure Tone had a few faults 😉 , but he was also kind, protective, generous, responsible and loving and would have died for his family.

I tell you something, if my dad had been anything like the father Tony was to Meadow, you would have a less fucked up Sista blogging for you today.


With regard to the rest of his career, James Gandolfini made his mark in all the roles he played, and will be sorely missed.

My heart is goes out to his wife, his family, friends and children.

RIP to one of the great alpha males of TV and cinematic history.



  1. Yeah, its so sad he is gone..

  2. Reblogged this on dads thinking and commented:
    Indeed he did!! I thought about going myself..

  3. I’ve been watching the Soprano’s for a few months now, and you are absolutely right, his struggle with anxiety….just makes it relate-able, bearable, comparable…I watch him and the interaction with Dr. Melfi and I swear it’s therapy, about as close to group as I ever want to be, THIS character I understood…this man will be missed. You just love him…I can’t help it. I relate to him on so many levels and in so many ways…

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