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So, no doubt the whole world now knows that William and Kate’s little baby son was born yesterday, and London, the press, TV and media are absolutely abuzz with every tiny bit of news that ekes through.

Whilst Baby Cambridge is officially a Cancerian (chivvied into the world early, rumour has it, by that naughty full moon), he was born on the cusp of both Cancer and Leo so is likely in benefit from both sets of characteristics.

Astrologer Patrick Arundell claims that this future king will be more conventional because he is a Cancerian, but would have been more of a ground-breaker had he been born today as a Leo.

‘Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in Cancer and that will give the baby a tremendous amount of go-get energy and that is already in motion,’ he said.

He added: ‘Venus and the Sun are also in a magnetic connection which will give the baby a star quality and a sparkling charisma.’

Just like Diana, who would have made a lovely grandma and I’m sure William is feeling a bit wistful about her absence today.

So a sensitive, kind, home loving Cancer, strengthened by proud, confident Leo.

Sounds like the ideal combination for a future King to me 🙂

There is however, a hefty amount of cynicism on all social media sites about this new addition to the Royal family, claiming that he is a useful distraction from what a mess this country is in, and whilst this may be true, as far as I’m concerned, a new baby, whomever he or she is born to, is always lovely news.

Welcome to the world little cub!

Your public awaits….no pressure now…. 😉


2 thoughts on “THE LION KING

  1. I’m really sorry, but I had to write this…


    🙂 Lion King aside, I hope the kid has a lovely name and a lovely life. Well done Wills and Kate. 🙂

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