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Kids Recognized!


A really heartening, inspiring story about two boys on bikes rescuing a 5 year old girl from a known paedophile.

They probably saved her life.
What amazing kids, thanks Ms Lippy for sharing! x

Lipstick and Chaos : The Fabric of My Life

In a small town, a big bad wolf lurked and lured a child by threat of ending her life a few weeks ago. While the massive manhunt for the girl pursued, two young men on a bike happened to spot the 5-year-old child in the back seat of a predator’s car. What they did next saved her life – they chased down the car until the 73-year-old man, a previously convicted and released sexual predator, let the girl go. The young child was reunited with her family and the two young men were hailed as heroes! As they should have been!

Here is a link to a brief story about their honored moment by the Mayor and the few small gestures that the kindness of strangers have set in motion! Do them the honor by reading their story – and please – if you can – spread this post…

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2 thoughts on “Kids Recognized!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing!!! and reading 🙂

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