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We’ll Beat the Anglophile Right Outta You

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Sorry, I just think this post is so eloquent, well observed and intelligent I just had to share it! 😉
So enjoy ‘Brits’!
That is to say:

  • English AND Scottish AND Welsh
  • Upper, middle and lower classes (I’m with Grayson Perry re what that shit means nowadays) and all hybrids therein
  • Southern English and Northern English (as divided by Watford Gap services) 😉
  • Black, white, Asian and mixed race peeps
  • Londoners (cockneys, Sarf Londoners, North of the river, West End girls and boys)
  • Scousers, Mancs, Brummies, Geordies, Smoggies, Sheep Shaggers etc
  • Folk that populate over seventies counties in these sceptered isles (please correct me if I’m wrong)


And this is just a drop in the ocean. I’m not even going to touch on our politics, sport, religions etc. but you get my drift, right?
Anyway just to clarify to anyone who has never actually been to these cute li’l isles and still think they can lump us all into one tedious, collective box:

  • British/English men don’t all look or act like the rather stereotypical, dyspeptic upper class twat as illustrated above, and the women don’t look like Maggie Thatcher or Kate Middleton.
  • Our working classes don’t look like Dick van Dyke/Eliza Doolittle and doffing caps and pulling of forelocks has thankfully gone out of vogue now
  • We don’t all live across the road from the Queen.
  • Daily life for the majority of us is nothing like that happy gang of crraazyy mates from ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’
  • Northerners do not look all look like the Beatles, Gallagher brothers or Wallace and Gromit
  • ‘Chef’ Ramsey is a psychopath and no one likes or respects him over here, so please keep him. You’re welcome! We want Nigella back though 🙂
  • Notting Hill is nothing like it was depicted in the movie. For a start, there is quite a high populace of people of colour in NH, London and throughout the UK actually (fancy that!), so I’m not sure where they were seconded off to whilst filming took place. For further info, see

I have many friends (both online and in real life) who are from the USA, and I know this person’s attitude is not the norm, and she probably had a stick up her arse about something else that day, but I did want to make a point.


Because we ‘Brits’ are very polite, aren’t we? Pass the Earl Grey and a toasted teacake, please Jenkins (she says, holding her pinky finger in the air)….

Anyway KJ, I wouldn’t deem to judge the entire American populace by what the Kardashians do, and don’t assume that the average Jerry Springer audience represents the majority, so open your mind a bit, innit? And I mean this in a ‘caring’ way, as Dame Edna Everage would say 🙂

Also I noticed that you don’t seem to distinguish between the English and the Brits, so am guessing that the Scots and Welsh are in the clear, is that correct?

If that is the case and you still have a problem with all English folk please pop by to mine for tea if you’re ever in the neighbourhood, so that I can try to make reparation with a nice Victoria sandwich, cucumber sandwiches and a pot of Darjeeling with a sertraline chaser….

Anyway, I have to go, the peasants are revolting, and the moat needs cleaning so Toodle Pip for now dearie! x




The Irrefutable Opinion

The United States America is the best country on earth.  Says Americans.  And who’s to say we’re wrong?  There are 316 million of us.  And the numbers are still growing:  we got people coming here all the time, whether it be for the freedoms, the education, or the state of the art freshwater systems.

It’s certainly easy to tout the advantages of living in America versus any of the globe’s “third world” countries.  The choice between living in a small, under-furnished studio apartment on Twenty-Sixth Avenue versus residing in a tree next to a parasitic creek and fighting over your next meal with hungry badgers seems like a no brainer.

But when it comes to comparing countries in the first world to other, copper-piped, food-marted first world countries, the details about what makes one better than another kind of all comes out in the wash.  There is nothing inherently better…

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