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Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap 2 – MILEY, YOU’RE HISTORY!



Dear Readers

With regard to my last blog post regarding Miley Cyrus’ performance with Robin Thicke at the VMA’s, I like to retract my totally unjustified harsh words, jeering comments and sneering asides.

As you can imagine, I’m extremely ashamed of myself.

Because, what I didn’t realise (as I’m sure you did) is that Miley and Robin were actually in the process of making history.

Gosh, I feel like such a fool!

And now I am doomed for the rest of my days to feel like a complete and total eejit every time I see that clip, as I’m sure that their performance will be shown time and time again, year after year, decade after decade as one of those truly iconic moments in music and live performance that everyone will remember.

  • Like Bob Geldof swearing live on the BBC broadcast of Live Aid.


  • Like the death of Amy Winehouse
  • John and Yoko’s ‘bed in’ appeal for making love not war during the Vietnam conflict


  • Like Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper dying in a plane crash
  • Like the Sex Pistols appearing on the Grundy show.


  • Like the Beatles breaking America
  • Like Marvin releasing ‘What’s Going On’.


  • Like Elvis joining the army
  • Like Bowie killing off Ziggy Stardust in at Hammersmith Town Hall without even telling the Spiders from Mars that it would be their last concert


  • Like Jimi playing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ at Woodstock


  • Like Michael’s first Moonwalk
  • Like Public Enemy releasing ‘Fight the Power’ in 1989


I feel so foolish not to have realised.

Because if I’d have know that all you had to do to achieve an iconic spot in the annals of music history was to stick out your massive tongue, flash your mimsy at an awards ceremony and grind it against some old bloke in a stripy suit whilst poking his winky with a big foam finger I’d have done it years ago.

Miley, I really hope to God that you are HISTORY.

Just not, alas, in the way you think you are….

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap 2 – MILEY, YOU’RE HISTORY!

  1. You my dear are the true STAR here Muah–Hats off to another great post;D

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