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Fighting the FEAR, depression and BDP on a daily basis AND making my own bread. Bring it on 2016….




I always knew God had a sense of humour, but this time he’s punked me bad….

So I was fretting about having minging photos of me on Facebook the other day?

Well apparently my ‘before and after’ photos are going to go live.

The sadistic, twisted maniac of a client likes them.

In other words, the contrast of me before make up/treatments and after make up/treatments must be so frigging startling that they’ll end up selling loads of product.

Fucking, shitting, bastard, mothafucking HELL!

At least in the Facebook photos I had make up on?

Kill.  Me.  NOW…..

I’m not even going to look at them and no one can make me!!

Oh God…..


10 thoughts on “ANGER WATCH 2 – WHAT YOU LOOKING AT? 2

  1. I am truly curious about these photos now. But I have an urgent question. Do you not know what question marks are for?

  2. I am a dumb cunt. I asked a question and no matter how you answered it, I would not be enabled to determine the meaning of it. Well, I hope you are more than adequately paid for these haunting photos. Have a nice day.

    • I was just being facetious but it was the only way to answer it really, other than saying I’m a dumb cunt and don’t understand English punctuation! Which I do. I just choose to dick around with it at will.

      My old English teacher would be appalled….I stand chastened….

      Thanks for liking and commenting. The photos will be atrocious, but I took the free product so will take my punishment and will just have to wear dark glasses for the rest of my life….

      Big love and keep on keeping on xx

      • No problem, it was only really confusing to read with these signs of questions popping up every hear and there without recognizable patterns 😉

      • It’s quite common parlance nowadays to use combinations of punctuation marks to indicate emphasis, passion, exasperation and good old WTF.

        As in ‘WTF did you post those hideous photos of me on Facebook for?!!!’, which was me screaming via email at my friend the other day, little charmer that I am.

        And given that I’m mad, bad, aggressive and impatient you’ll probably see quite a lot of it in my writing. If you hang around long enough that is….. 😉

      • Mad and impatient. That is my favorite combination of people. I don’t really believe you are bad, but I believe you would like to 😉

  3. Holy cow! They can’t have been THAT bad, can they? I might have missed the original post about this whole photos shennanigans as your post did not entirely make sense!!!?!?!??? (those were for you, Jonapluswords).

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