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Oh Dear, what do we have here?

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God bless this chap, but you have to admit, he has some balls!

As for the smug bastards boasting about their package, some guys have big dicks because God actually left their BRAINS down there by mistake, and I prefer a man to have his between his ears, thank you very much.

Patrick sweetie, just make sure that you master cunnilingus and be creative with your fingers and all will be good in the hood.

As it were.

I’d much sooner have someone smart and funny with a conservative cock than a big dumb cock on legs as they don’t usually know what to do with it anyway. Let’s face it, a donkey has a massive member, but who the hell would want to fuck it?

Whatever your size guys, if you operate on the basis of ‘ladies first’ and blow her mind, you’ll still be in demand, promise! x

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A NEW Documentary about a “UnHung Hero”

censoredDon’t Judge. But…Someone Made a Documentary About Having a Small Penis!

the heroEvidently, Patrick Moote — a man who briefly because Internet famous for a failed proposal caught on a Kiss Cam at a sports game — has smaller-than-average penis. But instead of worrying about it in private, as most men do, he and filmmaker Brian Spitz decided to make Unhung Hero, a documentary all about the trials and tribulations of having a small dick. On a certain level the doc looks pretty cockamamie (sorry, had to) and feels like the movie equivalent of that “deranged sorority girl” getting a book deal. But as folks who are well read in Judith Bordo’s The Male Body and are no strangers to sizing up penises, we have to admit that the premise of investigating how people around the world view small…

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