Phoenix Fights

Fighting the FEAR, depression and BDP on a daily basis AND making my own bread. Bring it on 2016….





If anyone asks you if you’ve seen me, I beg of you my love, be discreet….

You see whilst you are and will always be my first love, I have to confess that I am now, alas, for the meantime, committed to another.

Committed to an intractable, demanding, inflexible creature that expects me to work like a dog every single day, takes everything I say as set in stone, will not allow me to make amends, and the pressure and strain is all encompassing and absolutely unbearable.

And if I make a mistake?

No mercy.

And if I do not give this monster enough?

Then I am made to feel as if I have fallen short of expectation.

Where as you, my beloved, my precious one, take me as I am, and love and appreciate me no matter what I offer you.

Be it a sentence, a song, a poem from my heart; a hateful rant, a story of hope, a tale of terror, tears or things that once were, you accept each word as a precious jewel and make me feel that I can do no wrong.

You ask nothing of me, and in return, all I want to do is lay my bounty at your feet and please you.

Whereas this voracious beast only serves to remind me why I am wary of commitment and turns the most pleasant, pleasing, life enhancing thing in the world into a dreadful, loathsome, tiresome chore.

But rest assured my love that come December I will have no more to do with this cold tyrant, and be yours again exclusively.

Until then, promise that you will not forget me?

Missing you.

Au revoir mon amour x


4 thoughts on “MISSING

  1. Rootin’ for ya, girlfriend! Thanks for the love-letter. You WERE talking to me, weren’t you?

  2. Very nicely written and like the decorative picture too. I am sorry to hear of such a tyrant but will look forward to reading more once again…

    • Ha, the tyrant was Nanowrimo who I promptly ditched when it became clear that having done no prep whatsoever and taking up the challenge with hours to spare that it turned something I love, writing, into a chore. Bailing again,I know but I’ll do it properly next year and prepare in advance.

      So anyway you now have my complete, undivided attention again lovely!

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