Phoenix Fights

Fighting the FEAR, depression and BDP on a daily basis AND making my own bread. Bring it on 2016….



This is one of those songs that you hear out of the blue on the radio and immediately reach out to turn the volume up.

‘Have You Ever Had It Blue’ by the irrepressible Paul Weller’s ‘Style Council’ nearly made it to my Optimistic Mix list, but only just missed out because the lyrics aren’t exactly, well,  jolly.

However, please don’t let that put you off having a listen fellow depressives, because as soon as that brass section kicks off in the opening bars, all you really want to do is get up and shake yo stuff.


In fact, humour me and let this be the first song you hear on Monday morning, I guarantee it will brighten up your day.

Promise. 🙂

This song harks back to the days when I wore far too much make up, partied hard, slept little and was 100% in denial that there was anything wrong with me.  It was everyone else’s fault if they couldn’t handle me, not mine.

And you know what?  Whilst I kinda miss ignorant bliss, recognising your shit, and getting to know the true self is actually the only love worth fighting for.

So I trudge on in full awareness of my crazy, fucked up self.

And I breathe….

Namaste x


7 thoughts on “EAR WORM No. 19 – Style Council – HAVE YOU EVER HAD IT BLUE

  1. LOVED it ! – but it’s hardly a blues beat, eh ? – and I especially loved the wee bit of front line brass … I dream of big bands with front lines …
    I am sorry for your fucked-upness: I’ve been there.
    For many years. It would’ve started (full bore) when I was around 21, and it continued until by incredible good fortune I met the bloke I subsequently married – and that was when I was 31. So, a decade of total craziness, with another decade of part-time craziness leading up to it. Amazing what one’s background can do.

  2. I love your humour, (denial!) Sorry, I don’t know the song, but am sure it’s a pickmeup one. Writing is a wonderful therapy and you do it so well!

  3. Yep, breathing definitely helps. Maybe our whole generation was fucked up… No, hang on, that doesn’t work. I’m older than the rest of you.

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