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Daily Prompt: A Source of Anxiety – WITHIN THE SOUND OF SILENCE

Write about a noise — or even a silence — that won’t go away. (We’ll let you interpret this in different ways…)


It waits for me, an age old friend

One on whom I could depend

But I fill my head with noise and shit

So that I can’t see or even hear it


Be it crap TV, Facebook, eBay

I fill the gaps from day to day

I leave not a smidge of space to fit

In time to see or even hear it


I bite my fingers, clench my fists

Twist my limbs as anxiety grips

I feel it’s presence at my side

But all I want to do is hide


‘You can’t do this forever’ I hear it say

‘Are you going to resist till your dying day?

I try to be patient, but it hurts me so

To see you in pain with no place to go’


‘The time has come for you, my friend

To stand up and face the world again’

But I plug my fingers in my ears

As I don’t want to feel those doubts and fears


‘I can help’ it whispers to me

‘Please let me in, and let it be

Look within and you will find

That all that you need is here, inside’


But I tense and cringe

Too scared, too proud

And turn up the radio nice and loud

And I watch, and I read, and type and knit

And make sure I can’t see or even hear it


But I want so much to turn around

And take what was lost and make it found

And I say, ‘Tomorrow, I will, you’ll see!’

But inevitably I’ll just watch TV


It waits for me, my age old friend

One on whom I can depend

And I know that it never ever quit

But I can’t bear to see or even hear it


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