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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Circle of Five.”

‘A writer once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?’


Not sure what was meant by this so googled it, and apparently the saying comes from motivational speaker and ‘America’s foremost business philosopher’, Jim Rohn.

Hmm.  A business guru.  They’re always so well known for their emotional intelligence, no?


I mean, look at him!

Look at Jim Rohn trying to look nonchalant and modest with his gazing intelligently into the distance pose!  Would you honestly believe a single thing that this spin master and his ilk might profess?

But OK, I clicked on ‘new post’ of my own volition, so I will honour this agreement and play along. 🙂

Anyway, by this he implies that who you are and who you will become depend heavily on the company you keep.  If you have no personality or your own sense of self that is.

So, given that the main company I have nowadays is my two tom cats, two shrinks and my counsellor, that would make me scratchy, cuddly, destructive, scrappy, greedy, needy, cute, learned, patronising, empathic, patient, emotionally intelligent and funny.



I take it all back!  Perhaps there is something in this shit after all!

Note I relate more to the feline that the human company 😉

BUT if I could chew the fat and liaise with five other humans so that I can leech off some of their finer qualities, this is who I would choose.


Yes of course she makes the cut! I’ve been going to her for a number of years now and have grown as a person because of it, and I love her to pieces, and before anyone says it, I don’t give a shit if that is perceived as being inappropriate.  She is incredibly loyal, has stuck by me through thick and thin, charges me a pittance (if anything) for her phenomenal skills and is hilarious to boot.

And if I do end up on the caring profession, there is no better role model than she.


The King of Forgiveness bar none. His actions changed the world and everyone around him. Yes, I’d like a bit of that, thank you very much, so he can pop around whenever he likes (yes I know he’s dead!).

I’ll even make some carrot cake.


In complete contrast the formidable Ms Street-Porter is sharp, strong, opinionated, does not give a fuck what anyone else thinks, and deep down, has a heart of gold.

I think she’d toughen me up a bit, plus as a hiker going out on yomps with her would be hugely entertaining and would certainly get me fit again.



Still the funniest man on the planet, does not mince his words, takes no shit, the original beard meister (take note Shoreditch trendies) who rocks it like no other.

Not only that, but he’s charming, engaging, the perfect chat show guest, an amazing raconteur and someone who (nearly) always manages to see the best in everything and everyone, something I could certainly do with.


Mandy is not perfect, and neither am I, and whilst we’ve had our fall outs, she is still the person who makes me laugh the most, we bring out the child in each other and I believe that she genuinely loves me and wants the best for me.

Providing I don’t have anything more or better than she does. 😉

This used to gall me, but I’m learning to accept her and my other friends as they are and hopefully as they accept me.

So Jimbo, spending time with the above folk won’t necessarily bring me success, money or global respect, but some things I’ll have you know, are more important than money.

And at least I won’t have to have a twatty pretentious photo as my website byline.

Namaste bitches x





There is so much I could say about the Boston bombings and my anger and despair that these things still happen in civilised society, but I think this gentleman says it all.

And as one lady said on Facebook today, the finest runners were the ones running to the aid of the injured without thinking of the danger they were potentially exposing themselves to.

God speed those who have fallen and give strength to those who have survived x